North Guale constituents to manage own roads


MEMBER of Parliament for North Guadalcanal Constituency Samson Maneka says the problem faced with roads in the constituency is now a thing of the past.

Speaking during a ceremony to hand over a fleet of machineries to his constituents yesterday, Hon Maneka said his constituency has a history with infrastructure development.

He said the recent one is the SIPL that ended during the tension and now GPPOL Company taking on the palm oil plantation.

Maneka said throughout the transition, the roads have been left unattended.

Adding that making matters worse is the constituency’s vulnerability to natural hazards such as flooding.

“And the poor situation of roads in the constituency remains up until now. As a result it has lots of impacts on the farmers and generally on the constituents.

“Due to the conditions of the roads in the area it made it costly for farmers to do effective businesses.

“Additionally, it causes impacts on the livelihoods of the people, minister for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace,” Hon Maneka said.

With the introduction of the machines, Maneka says that his people can work on the roads themselves.

“We need no body to do it for us. We have the machines as well as technical supporter are also there that we can manage our own roads.

“I assure you that if the road damage today, we can fix it today and tomorrow you bring your markets to Honiara,” Mr Maneka said.

He told his constituents that the machineries belong to them and that they need to care for them so that their services can be sustained.

On the same note, he publicly appeals to the MID Minister to help out with needed machines.

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