NOCSI makes new policy

By Taromane Martin

THE National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) is set to adopt a new policy in selecting athletes and team officials for Team Solomon’s contingent to future multi-sporting competitions.

Pacific Games Council (PGC) President Mr Vidayh Lakhan spent the weekend to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the NOCSI board members, good governance and the new policy frame work.

“We spent the Friday night with the NOCSI Executive board. It was an officer training session for the Executive Board members of NOCSI,” Mr Lakhan said.

“What we did was we took the opportunity to talk about the role of each individual in the executive board starting from the President down to the ordinary members and commission chair.

“So that everybody understands how the executive board should function, what authorities, power they have. What they can and cannot do.

“On Saturday I had a session on good governance. When we talk governance we talk about the power and manner in which the NOC is governed by those who are in power.

“I had been asked previously to look at the constitution of NOCSI. So what I did was I took the opportunity to go through what was planned.

“So I had a new draft and we went through the draft, reviewing what was planned and then I took the opportunity to focus on the governance side.

“Mainly on the authorities, power and the objectives of NOCSI; the roles of the President, Secretary and Treasurer as leaders of NOCSI,” he said.

“Then on Sunday we took the opportunity to look at a policy for NOCSI in selecting and sending teams to Pacific Games, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and all multi-sport events.

“We talked about the policy and again with the input from national federations we think we have a policy paper for NOCSI to take on board, approve it and that will be the guide they will use for selection.

“I’m told that they did not have such comprehension policy until now. So if that happens then it will really help NOCSI in avoiding all these controversies they have been having.

“In that policy paper, there are a lot of things they have to do in a systematic manner, starting from the federations setting up selection criteria for selecting team officials, medical people, chef de mission and athletes who will represent NOCSI and Solomon Islands.

“In the policy there are strict rules you have to follow. If you don’t comply then you’re out. That has been accepted but it will go back to NOCSI for approval before it can be adopted as a policy.

“I’m confident and encouraged with the interest shown by the NFs and the NOCSI Executive board members in making effort to uplift the performance of the administration ability of NOCSI. I hope they adopt and all goes well.”

Lakhan arrived in the country last week on an important assignment pertaining to the hosting of the Pacific Games 2023 and so as assisting NOCSI to strengthen its affairs on governance and related matters.

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