No vax no entry: AG


ATTORNEY-General John Muria Junior says travelling passengers wishing to come into the country must be fully vaccinated before entering.

Muria Jnr said this is a requirement for mandatory vaccine.

“You must be fully vaccinated before entering Solomon Islands,” he said.

Muria stressed if this matter is not obeyed it is an offence with penalties. The penalties for this offence are 100 thousand dollar fine or 10 years imprisonment.

He said another offence is if a person entering the country without being fully vaccinated and happened to infect others with the virus brought with him/her.

“That offence is 150 thousand dollar fine with 15 years’ imprisonment,” he said.

Muria uttered the above offence and penalties as notifying the general public and incoming passengers that these matters are of serious concern and have huge fines.

Furthermore, measures for quarantines are still effective. People flying into the country have to serve his/her quarantine period. 

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