No time for blame game: Wale


LEADER of Opposition, Mathew Wale says he was impressed with Government stand not to blame our founding fathers for the socio-economic problems the country has faced since independence.

Minister of Finance and Treasury, Harry Kuma stated the Government stand when he delivered the $4 billion budget in Parliament last week.

Wale said this is the first time he had heard this from the government.

He said this is a sign of growing maturity.

“The Hansard is full of finger pointing and the blame game, as recent as last year.

“Blaming our founding fathers does nothing to address our problems and challenges,” he said.

“If they were here and allowed to compare their situation to ours and permitted to play the blame game – I wonder what our found fathers would say about what we have been able to do, or not do, or destroy during our time in leadership.

“But it is a sign of maturity to accept that we must make the best of the challenges and opportunities we face when we are in leadership,” he said.

Wale said blaming others does not fix anything, it only portrays immaturity.

“As leaders we must accept our responsibility to lead and build a Solomon Islands that we are proud to bequeath to future generations of Solomon Islanders,” he said.

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