No space for farmers at central market


Ms Christina Misu

A concerned farmer is calling on responsible authorities to deal with the lack of space at the central market.

Ms Christina Misu of Vatupilei, West Guadalcanal yesterday tells Island Sun that there is no space for farmers inside the market complex because people who purchase goods from farmers to resell them at a higher place are the ones occupying space inside the market.

Misu added that while they sit comfortably inside the market, farmers who spent time growing crops and travelling to the capital to sell them at the end of the day are left to sell those crops outside in the burning heat.

On top of that she pointed out that one other unpleasant experience she has come across at the market is being harassed by women in the capital for her crops.

Misu said that they would forcibly ask to purchase her produce at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price.

A farmer for three years now, she raised the above issue whilst attending a workshop on “Gender in Agriculture in Rural Livelihoods” yesterday at the Cairos conference room at Hyundai Mall.

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