No review on terms and conditions of judges and magistrates

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CHIEF Justice Sir Albert Palmer has raised concerns over the delay made to review the terms and conditions of Judges and Magistrates.

Speaking during the legal year opening yesterday, Sir Albert said that since 2015 there has not been any review made on their terms and conditions – and this is unacceptable.

He said under the current Constitutional Regulations, reviews are to be conducted on a yearly basis.

The last review was done in 2015. It is now two years and nothing has been done, Sir Albert said.

He said in 2015 he called for the establishment of an independent body similar to the Members of Parliament Entitlement commission and that is yet to be done.

“The current process of having our terms and conditions reviewed by the Minister of Constitutional Affairs is simply inadequate, if there has been commitment it is lacklustre at best,” Sir Albert said.

Sir Albert said having attractive salaries and terms and conditions of employment enables us to recruit senior and experienced lawyers from the cream of the legal profession.

Currently it is difficult to attract well qualified and experienced legal officers onto the Bench both in the High Court and the Magistrates Court.

He also said that adequate remuneration is connected to strengthening judicial independence.