No pressure to explain land dealings: Suidani

Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani
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PREMIER Daniel Suidani says his office has no pressure to explain Ferakui land dealing as processes are there to pursue and explain the matter.

Suidani made the statement in response to a front page article carried by Solomon Star on Sunday, May 29, with the headline “Suidani under pressure to explain land sale offer”.

The premier explained the issue on the land had come about after interest sought with pressure by those interested in this public land at Ferakui/Dala old agriculture station.

He said that thereon he granted consent for the subdivision of 1.9HA of P/N 151-008-1 under his authority, which he later revoked it.

Suidani said the revocation came after his office received a letter from his Deputy Provincial Secretary on concerns raised on the matter.

He said in consequence to the letter and other areas that also considered the revocation letter was issued and effective on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

The revocation letter reads with the subject; “Revocation of consent for the subdivision of 1.9 HA of P/N 151-008-1.”

“I refer to the correspondence made by Andrew Billy and Jack Ometa to the Malaita Provincial Government on subject resulting in me granting consent for the subdivision of 1.9 HA of P/N 151-008-1.

“Whilst, I have the authority to grant such consent on Provincial Government land, the request had not been brought before the executive for approval.

“On that note, complaints have been raised by the public through the administration of the province resulting in me revoking the consent I have granted in my corresponding date 28/1/2022.

“However, the lease agreement for the Dala land will soon be expired and such arrangements can be made before renewing the lease agreement with the Malaita Provincial Government through the proper channel,” the letter reads.

Suidani said this is how the matter was dealt with and there is no pressure to explain it.

He said the matter is before his executive, and was left until right time to discuss it since lease agreement of the land will expire within the next couple of years

Suidani also denied any bit of the mater to have link to the failed motion of no confidence against his government as mention in the article.

He said he doesn’t know any of such things and it is no surprise to him that the allegation is part of continues attack to degrade his reputation as premier and his MARA government.