MALAITA for Democracy (M4D) and Traditional leaders of Malaita province has warned the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) not to interfere with their provincial government political affairs.

According to report received from (M4D, they are aware certain senior Malaita national Members of Parliament and Ministers are working behind the scene to try and topple the leadership of the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) led government.

M4D claimed that such moves will definitely involve money and surely big money.

As a responsible body, M4D and its affiliates strongly warned the national government not to interfere with the political affairs of the Malaita provincial government.

It must be made known that M4D and its affiliates strongly supported the current MARA government and its stand on the China issue and the developmental aspirations of Malaita Province.

M4D would like to make it clear such actions by a senior Malaitan government MP and minister is in contrary to the spirit of the MPG Auki Communique.

This is the issue the communique is making reference to under paragraphs on Abuse by Malaitan and MOIan Elites.
In Particular M4D strongly reminded the Senor Malaita Government Minister to recognized paragraph 17 of the communique.

Paragraph 17 called on Malaitan and Malaita Outer Islands’ (MOI) leadership and elite to exercise good judgment and restraint in conduct or expression, and to re-direct their time and valuable efforts to developing Malaita and MOI from which they draw their identity, passion and tenacity.

This is what is expected of Malaitan leaders. To work together for the betterment of our place and not to work against each other and to continue to destroy our development aspirations.

M4D strongly warn the minister to stay away from intruding into the political affairs of MPG and to stay away from any actions to topple the MARA leadership.

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