No plans yet to re-arm ‘other’ units


POLICE Commissioner Mathew Varley says there are no plans as yet to rearm other police units.

He said this in response to questions on whether officers in provincial stations which have the PRT stationed in are legible to be re-armed.

During the press conference yesterday, Varley downplayed rumours that the Auki police station has been rearmed.

He clarifies that the police response team were merely training the officers in Auki on less lethal weapons such as pepper sprays, baton usage and tear gas.

He stresses that there is a world of difference between non-lethal equipment and fire arms.

“We have what we call a response unit which the first line of public orders and these officers are well trained in capability such as riot control and public order incident and they use equipment such as shields, baton and helmets to be able to deal with first line of incident of riots and the PRT is the top level response behind them.”

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