No oil for government

Guadalcanal plains palm oil outgrowers lash out at 2018 Budget


Chairman for GP Plains Out Growers Association Mr Stanley Holmes Vutiange

OUTGROWERS of Guadalcanal oil palm plantation are disappointed with the national government’s budget for 2018, it is reported.

Guadalcanal plain farmers say they have been neglected for two years, during which government has not allocated anything for the palm-oil farmers.

Chairman for GP plains outgrowers association Mr Stanley Holmes Vutiange said they too contribute much to the industry, and the country’s economy as a whole, and it is sad and discouraging that government should choose to ignore them.

He says palm oil is a huge factor of the country’s economy, and the role outgrowers play towards palm oil is significantly huge – but government seems to not know this, or just choose to leave them (outgrowers) out of the picture.

“From our findings and follow-up on parliament hearings on this year’s budget, government did not allocate any funds for oil palm out growers and priority is set on other sectors,” Vutiange said.

He adds that the three associations covering the plains; West zone, Balasuna and central Guadalcanal, will hold an urgent meeting after which they will approach government with resolutions which government must address.

Vutiange says they might even seek the possibility that government re-looks its budget.

He adds that last year, despite assurance from the minister of agriculture, government did not allocate anything for them.

Vutiange says this ignorance must stop.

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