No lockdown despite COVID surge

Honiara is the beating heart of the country's economy.
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NO lockdown will be imposed despite the surge in covid-19 cases in Honiara as of Thursday, according to the Minister of Health and Medical Services, Dr Culwick Togamana.

He mentioned this during his national covid-19 update on Thursday.

“The current situation in Honiara is a matter of concern as one of the new infections recorded yesterday happened to an individual who was tested positive for COVID-19 in the past,” Togamana said.

He said “No lockdowns have been imposed for now, but I am strongly urging the Lord Howe and Alligator Creek Communities to start observing COVID safe practices protocols.”

Togamana said face masks have been distributed in the Lord Howe community and will be provided in the Alligator Creek Community.

He further reminds members of the public to avoid unnecessary travel now within and in and out of Honiara.

“Such re-infections are rare but can happen to individuals who have low body defense against COVID-19, or if another variant of the virus strikes the person.

“NRH and HCC are now on alert mode, increased testing is being carried out in selected communities such as Lord Howe settlement,” Togamana said.