No English and Pidgin proves headache for HCC


FOREIGNERS working in restaurants who do not speak English and pidgin fluently is proving a major setback for the Honiara City Council (HCC) joint inspection.

Chief Health Inspector for HCC Mr George Titulu said the matter has become an obstacle for HCC in terms of working to meet deadlines of compiling of restaurants’ reports each day.

He said if foreign restaurant vendors at least learn basics of these two languages, it will help in accelerating HCC‘s inspection on per restaurant within the capital.

Titulu adds in this case they underwent an approach by having a translator available during and when assessing restaurants to help give out straight forward and accurate information.

This approach has helped HCC to at least target restaurants each day.

Moreover he adds ineffective communication issues will also go as far as affecting the working employees of restaurants and will cause conflict.

He also stressed that ineffective communication is identified as one contributing factor for restaurants’ lack of compliance to HCC’s food regulations.

“However it is vital everybody use English to communicate so that we can all on the same page when it comes to fulfilling city’s regulation,” said Titulu.

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