No dumpsite in Auki



MALAITA Provincial Town, Auki is without a dumpsite after the old area got sold.

Chief Health Inspector for Malaita Province, Ms Gloria Siwainao said currently only burning, burying and keeping wastes for recycling is practised.

Ms Siwainao said as an alternative to the matter her office has conducted awareness to people in Auki on how to manage wastes in the town.

“Despite that we continue to face the issue as there’s no dumpsite in placed so that waste can properly kept.

“As little as we go things are quietly done but this is not the solution for the matter as far as my office is concern.

“I’ve been in negotiation with land owners here and there are greenlights given on land for the new dumpsite.

“I won’t say everything is going well on land procurement for the activity since no formalities is yet made,” she said.

Siwainao said landowners recognise the importance of having a dumpsite for Auki and have consented their land. However, the fear that the province will not live up to any agreement is an underlying factor keeping LOs at a distance.

“Through my negotiation with landowners, they don’t want outright purchase of their lands, what they want is lease.

“But their fear as said is whether the provincial government will stick to any payment under the lease or not.

“This is exactly the landowners alarm, but my office still continue pushing through with landowners and province for a tangible solution for the issue,” Ms Siwainao said.

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