No double standards on Anticorruption Bill


MEMBERS of the Official Opposition say the statement by the Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare about their bloc having double standards on the Anticorruption Bill’s withdrawal was an uncalled for statement.

The Opposition made the statement in their recent press conference with local Journalists.

They made the statement when queried by this paper on what the Prime Minister referred to when he said the Members of the Official Opposition should stop having double standards.

The PM openly alleged on the floor of Parliament before they adjourned that MP’s on the other side of the House have been going around back doors hinting to his Members of the Government that if they pass the Anticorruption Bill, most of them would be the first to be shown the exit door.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Maringe-Kokota Hon Dr Culwick Togamana responded in the press conference saying, “I think the statement made by the Prime Minister was uncalled for and is very untrue.”

MP for Small Malaita Hon Rick Hou and the Leader of the Official Opposition Hon Jeremiah then joined Hon Togamana in saying their members have never gone about hinting to MPs on the Government side that they would be given marching orders should they support the passage of the Bill.

MP for West Makira Hon Derrick Manuari then added the Government needs to live up to its word because as far as he is concerned, the withdrawal of the Anticorruption Bill for further adjustments was “the final nail to its coffin.”

The group said they will not cease to add pressure on the Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare to bring the Bill back to Parliament for immediate passage.

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