…..Prime Minister Distributes Tata Buses to Government Ministries and Institutions


NATIONAL Sports Federations had high hopes of being included in the National Hosting Authority (NHA) Legacy program, particularly in receiving the Tata buses donated by India for the Pacific Games last year.

However, these expectations were dashed as the 20 Tata buses were allocated to government ministries and institutions instead.

The official handover ceremony of the Tata buses took place yesterday at the national stadium. Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele announced the distribution of the buses to 11 government ministries and institutions, including the Anglican Church of Melanesian College.

“It’s an honor to be here for the handover ceremony of the 20 Tata buses, donated by the Government of India to the National Hosting Authority for the PG23,” said Prime Minister Manele.

“A couple of weeks ago, I informed the visiting Indian High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands that the buses would be handed over to their legacy owners this week. The High Commissioner was very pleased and sent his best wishes to the new owners.”

Manele explained that the NHA legacy committee established two main criteria for the allocation of the Tata buses: to support the startup of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) transport pool and to recognize institutions that significantly supported the NHA in delivering the PG23.

“The MID transport pool will assist in all government activities, including meetings and major events requiring transportation. The second criterion is to support institutions that selflessly supported the NHA in successfully delivering the PG23,” Manele added.

He noted that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) already has three buses from the recent Joint Election, with a fourth bus currently used by SIAF. Thus, MID will collect only one additional Tata bus. The RSIPF has also collected its bus, used during the election.

Prime Minister Manele emphasized that the new bus owners would be responsible for operating costs, with the MID Mechanical Works Services Department providing maintenance support for at least two years due to an adequate supply of spare parts.

Following the announcement, NHA staff handed over the keys to the new bus owners, who then drove the buses to their respective destinations.

Meanwhile, Manele said he is honored to announce and handover to the following Ministries and Institutions the Tata buses:

1 MID- 5 Tata buses

2 HCC- 3 Tata buses

3 SINU- 3 Tata buses

4 NSC- 2 Tata buses

5 G Province- 1 Tata bus

6 NRH- 1 Tata bus

7 RSIPF-1 Tata bus

8 SICS-1 Tata bus

9 Customs Divisions- 1 Tata bus

10 St Nicholas Anglican College- 1 Tata bus

11 King George Sixth School- 1 Tata bus

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