No assessment on logging operation in the Malaita



The Environment Division and its sub provincial office in Auki have been criticised for failure to carry out environment assessment on logging operations in Malaita province.

A Mr Aloysio Arukeni said people suffer environmentally as the result of operations in the province.

“Pollution to rivers, streams, damage of fertile lands and vegetations and the list goes.

“People suffer, and with that they have right to claim the environmental damage that affects them and their environment.

“Along that line if people pursuing the damage, they need proper assessment from environment division so it can produce them report.

“And the report must not made upon assumption as what usually experience, report must made upon assessment on the ground.”

Arukeni said this is what should happen, so that the status of the damage can be known and plan can design to deal with it.

He said what currently experience was even no assessment on the ground, the assessment report can be made.

“I wonder what the report would like, but that clearly shows the report was just made upon assumption of the officers.

“When reports are conducted that way, the interest of people suffered from the damage is less accounted whilst only saves the ones will be affected by the report.

“This is what happens and it needs changes both for producing assumption reports and luck of ground assessment,” he said.

Arukeni reiterated his appeal that the Environment Division and its sub provincial office in Auki must stride with their work in the province.

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