NGOs important actor in health service development: Bainivalu

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UNDERSECRETARY (Acting) of Health Improvement within the Ministry of Health and Medical Services says non-government organisations are important actors in health service development.

Dr Nemia Bainivalu made the statement during the opening of Empower Pacific – Solomon Islands Branch.

He said Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) have played a crucial role supporting national government in every facet of their work and for the betterment of Solomon Islands and its people.

Bainivalu stressed that contributions made by Non-Government organisations are tremendous and has contributed significantly for the betterment and wellbeing of people of this country.

“In modern societies across the globe, countless innovations pioneered by NGOs have subsequently been adopted as government policy either it had been Health, Education, Advocacy, Gender Issues, Development, Human Rights, Human Security, Sustainable livelihood; NGO’s are commended for their work.

“A civil society in the modern world fills in a vacuum by taking up challenges or risks for social change which the public sector and private sector can’t or won’t.

“Simply, civil society organisations are able to take risks that are economically unacceptable to business and politically unacceptable to government,” he said.

Bainivalu stressed that numerous models of service delivery that are considered “best practice” today were devised, tested, and improved over many years of experimentation by NGOs.

He strongly emphasised that it is essential that government ministries donors, national governments, civil society organisations and as individuals must work together to achieve a well-balanced, productive and flourishing society, country and the world.

Bainivalu said the partnership between the Ministry of Health and Medical Service and Empower Pacific demonstrate NGO and Government institutions coming together to improve services in the health sector.

He reiterated that Empower Pacific’s existence in Solomon Islands for last few years and the services it provides to the people of Solomon Islands with its immense contribution in the field of psychosocial support services in a positive start.

One the same note, Bainivalu urge all the medical professionals to work closely with Empower Pacific and make use of the services they provide.

“We must remember that we are all working towards a common goal, a goal to empower our people,” he said.