NGO for clean city


 A NON-Profitable Organisation (NGO) called Friends of the City (FTC) is taking initiatives to discuss the development and social challenges facing Honiara City and to fashion the best way forward to a clean, safe and beautiful Honiara City. Last Saturday volunteers and members of FTC came out into the streets of Honiara to do a massive cleanup along the city’s Central Business District (CBD) and roads.

With the vision to build a clean, green and prosperous Honiara City, FTC’s mission is to enhance people participation through volunteerism to build a clean, healthy, pleasant and sustainable Honiara city. FTC believes that to collaborate is better than to compete.

During the recent ‘Business after Five’ (BA5) event of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) FTC was also given the chance to highlight their work and to make known their entity.

Soon to be launched, FTC hopes to bring together volunteers from all works of life that have the heart for the city.

The initiative by FTC come in light of recent government talks on the ban of plastics and the depressingly formidable challenge the country is faced with in terms of waste management.

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