Ngella MP completes last ‘Constituency Tour’ at Ghaeta District

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Paramount Chief and Member of Parliament for Ngella Constituency Hon Bartholomew Parapolo during meeting with Ghaeta District Constituents in his last Tenth Parliament Constituency Tour at Dende Village, South Ngella, on Sunday.

PARAMOUNT Chief and Member of Parliament (MP) for Ngella Constituency Hon Bartholomew Parapolo has completed his last Constituency Tour at Ghaeta District, Dende Village, South-East Ngella.

During his tour, he witnessed the commissioning of 12 Chiefs from Ghaeta’s Executive of ‘Valevaukolu’ being dissolved in Ngella around three years ago.

With parliament ready to dissolve, Parapolo reminded Ghaeta District Constituents and the newly commissioned Chiefs that the local custom, church and government must strongly work together in order to see positive development outcomes that would prosper the Constituency too.

He told Constituents, government is only waiting to step in to assist, but only if Ngella people allow their land for development.

This is in terms of developing proper water sanitation. A big problem in Ngella communities as well.

When focusing on other needed developments for the Constituency, the MP mentioned roads, airstrip and tourism. Ngella has a huge potential to benefit from tourism.

“The government has no power over the lands in Ngella Constituency which is why the purpose to commission our Chiefs is to assist our development vision for the Constituency in arranging and making it possible through landowners to allow their customary lands to be developed,” said Hon Parapolo.

“Developments to take place are not for the government but for you the people. If you do not take seriousness of such then no proper developments will take place for the Constituency.”

Having clarified to the people of Ghaeta District over much debated issues concerning the Constituency such as Ngella’s famous purchased ‘Vakamotor’ and also explaining that there is no such thing as negative rumours spreading that he is about to get arrested, people seemed satisfied over their MP’s clear clarifications.

From observation during questionnaire time, the majority only thanked the Minister of Culture and Tourism for his effort during this current Parliament term despite hiccups faced in the Constituency.

Ward Six Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Hon Mathew Taravu and Chiefs of Ghaeta District warmly welcomed the MP for Ngella Constituency onto their shores and thanked him for his initiatives towards their communities during time in parliament. They assured him of working together to move Ngella forward in terms of development though it will be a very tough mission for them.

Parapolo’s next last Constituency Tour will be in Ward Seven, Belagha District.

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