Ngella Constituents again reminded of objection period

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NGELLA’S famous Forum (NGF) again remind Ngella Constituents to be mindful of the fact despite registering in another Constituency being not qualified to register in, the objection period is coming up.

From reports by observation, Ngella Constituents are leaving their Constituency because of many reasons that only they themselves can explain why they are doing such.

Still, NGF urges Ngella Constituents to remember that under the law, anyone can object to their registration for the Electoral Commission and if proven right, they will be disqualified to vote in the National General Election (NGE) for 2019.

“Please members make our people to be aware of this rule,” urge NGF.

One particular main highlighted reason for current cross border registrations to take place too according through interviews is many have pointed that people are fed up of the types of leadership over the past years in their Constituency (Ngella). This falls back to the question according to many questioning “Why did you vote for them in the first place”.

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