Ngella Constituency Office asked on school fee funds

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NGELLA Constituents are asking their Constituency Office to explain where the money earmarked for their students’ school fees is.

Question is raised from Ngella’s famous social media forum ‘The Ngella Forum (NGF)’ after learning that Ngella Constituency is amongst the four Constituencies that have not made any payments or necessary arrangements yet as to when and how they will settle their students’ outstanding fees with the Solomon Islands National University (SINU).

It is understood from the Executive Management of SINU being consistent with their Press Release on October 31 that they will have no choice but to publish the names of sponsors and reveal outstanding fees owed by sponsors by the end of November this year.

As of 2019, SINU will no longer accept any sponsorship of students through Constituency Funding arrangements from Members of Parliament (MPs).

This decision according to a statement was made by the Senior Management Committee of SINU after operations were affected as a result of students not paying fees.

“The Constituency Office need to explain now for the students and parents of Ngella before we start regarding this situation as caused by corrupt practice,” raises Ngella Constituents.

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