Ngella communities denied assistance for pana festival


Ender and Atkin Rence taking part in roasting fish as well during the launching.

NGELLA People were denied by relevant authorities when seeking for assistance to host the Pana Festival in the island.

Because authorities failed to listen to the community request, Imperial Travel Service has stepped in to support the people of Ngella after setting the idea to hold a cruise on July 6 at Ngella that will be coinciding with the festival.

According to Mrs Ender Rence the Managing Director of Imperial Travel Service, there assistance is not about competing but complementing each other in the tourism industry being in line with the government tourism policy.

“The community came and asked if they could showcase their Pana (local food crop) during the cruise in which we set our plans. It will be the community who will be organising in the village for the festival and Imperial Travel Service will assist in promotion and marketing,” said Rence.

The Pana Festival will be marked as history in the making for the first time for Ngella people to hold a festival for their significant custom food that is usually harvested more than one time compared to others provinces.

Launching for the 2018 Imperial Islands Cruise that will be coinciding with the Pana Festival took place over the weekend at Haroro Village, Central West Ngella.

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