New Zealand Lions clubs respond to an appeal

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DEAR Editors
Following the appeal I made to Lions Clubs (NZ) through your newspaper columns this week for a donation of spectacles for needy people in the Solomon Islands, I am delighted to say I have received positive news with a promise of twenty more boxes of spectacles.
It might be recalled that earlier on this year the NRH acknowledged having received 3,000 pairs of spectacles from Lions Clubs (NZ) and they were distributed to the people needing them though the Honiara Referral Eye Centre.
I am not yet able to confirm the total number of spectacles to be packed into the 20 boxes but will give further details after advice from the official of Lions Clubs (NZ) dealing with my request for help.
I am also in touch with ‘Take My Hands’ Charity Trust in Auckland to see if the twenty boxes could be shipped in a container already paid for in advance by the SFA and its contents to provide help for local NGOs, the disabled and the HOH CharityTrust.
I believe we must all be extremely appreciative and grateful to Lions Clubs (NZ) for once again offering to help the needy people in the Solomon Islands.
I say, Thank you!
Yours sincerely
Frank Short