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Ocean Sky Pacific Ltd could transform Solomon Islands’ rural transportation needs


A company that could turn the shipping needs of the nation into a thing of the past is being put together in Honiara, awaiting a formal roll-out of its operation.

Ocean Sky Pacific Ltd has been incorporated, but its shareholder/directors are unwilling to disclose any information that could prove prejudicial to the participation of their foreign partners.

Island Sun has confirmed with Company Haus that Ocean Sky Pacific Ltd was locally incorporated on 12th August this year.

Its main business activity is Transportation. The company’s directors and shareholders are:

Benjamin Riiga -20;

Elton Pola – 20;

Osmond Mesepitu – 20;

Ringo Russel – 20; and

Bitibule Kaehuna – 20

Mr Kaehuna is an associate of Rano and Company, Barristers and Solicitors. He was the contact person for the group, according to Company Haus.

He told Island Sun on Tuesday the company is not trying to compete with existing ship operators and owners.

“We are simply trying to address the transport needs of people, particularly in the rural area. In doing so, we believe we can complement any shortfall in terms of service delivery,” Kaehuna said.

The other person who submitted the application on behalf of Ocean Sky Pacific Ltd is a Mr Robert Wao. His mobile phone was switched off when Island Sun was trying to contact him.

Kaehuna denied the company was to support candidates in the upcoming National General Election (NGE) early next year.

“No, no. That is not our intention at all. We are apolitical,” Kaehuna said.

Asked whether rumours sweeping Honiara about the company’s USD15 million funding, which is now with the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI), Kaehuna said there are things he was not allowed to discuss.

“Funding is one of those areas,” he said.

Kaehuna also refused to discuss any funding arrangements with overseas investors.

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