New PPC for Choiseul province


VINCENT Eria has been appointed the new Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Choiseul province.

He replaces former PPC Mrs Seda Nevol, who is now the operations manager at the Western provincial police headquarter IN Gizo.

Nevol has commended her successor, saying that he is highly capable of leading Choiseul province’s police force.

Eria started his duty on April 27 this year at the Choiseul provincial capital, Taro.

He thanks Police Commissioner Matthew Varley and his executive for the trust and confidence placed on him to lead the force in Choiseul province.

Eria also acknowledges Mrs Nevol, the Choiseul provincial government and outgoing Premier Jackson Kiloe for the trust and confidence they have bestowed on him.

He hopes to work closely with the provincial government, village chiefs, community elders and the people to achieve and provide security in the province.

“I believe that there has been good work done by the outgoing PPC and the great relationship she has with the provincial government and the people of Choiseul province.

“I do hope and trust to continue my work where outgoing PPC Mrs Nevol has left.

“I need community support to understand and work together with police to maintain and carry out crime prevention strategy and community work.”

PPC said some of his priority areas include the border issue and establishing police posts within Choiseul.

He appeals to the people of Choiseul to work closely with police in terms of crime prevention strategies and help the police in the community.

“We need to work together to provide security so that our local business people can enjoy their business and free movement in the province.

Eria is the former acting PPC and looked after Gizo Police station. He was also operations manager.

He is from Wagina and part Western province.

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