New leadership in Western and Choiseul provinces


LAST week’s provincial election in Western and Choiseul provinces will see the two provinces with new leaders in the two top positions in the Provincial government level.

Former premier of Western Province, Wayne Maepioh was ousted in the election process while Choiseul’s former premier, Jackson Kiloe decided that it is time for him to move on after almost 19 years being a Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA).

Kiloe has made his retirement from the Provincial government known, well before the provincial elections took place.

In November 2017, Kiloe announced his retirement and had said the retirement will give him the break he needs.

Kiloe became a member of the Babatana ward in 1999 and since then had been MPA till his retirement from the Provincial government recently.

Maepioh on the other hand was quite upset with how the campaign in last week’s provincial election went.

He had said that he will open a petition against his opponent, a comment he made even a day before the counting of votes.

This was from an alleged vote rigging. Maepioh claimed two members of Parliament had been involved.

“Both men have showered voters with gifts of sewing machines, solar panels and even Out Board Motors. One even threatened voters that if they do not vote for the MP’s candidate, they would not get any assistance from the MP in Honiara,” Mr Maepioh said.


Newly elected and re-elected MPAs of the two provinces are:

Choiseul province

  1. Wagina Movete Kabiri
    2.         Katupika                    Harrison Benjanin
    3.         Vasiduki                      Gregory Pita
    4.         Viviru                          Philip Bavare
    5.         Babatana                 John Matapaza
    6.         Tepazaka                  Ralpbell Vina
    7.         Vuruvachu                Paul Telovae
    8.         Choiseul Bay             Josiah Vana
    9.         Taba                          Watson Qoloni
    11.       Tavula                                   Clement Kengava
    12.       Varisi Suka                  George Vanakana
    13.       Varisi Lavata             Nerio Ulemiki
    14.       Katario                       Ezra Kukuti
    15.       Senga                                    Michael Ngarakana
    16.       Kerepangara                        Kevin Vaekesa
    17.       Kiruqela                     Derald Galotaba

Western province

  1. Inner Shortland islands Brisbane Amatore
  2. Outer Shortland Islands Joseph Gorae
  3. Simbo Isaac Vula Tatapu
  4. North Ranogga Leong Mamu
  5. Central Ranogga Roni Ghemu
  6. South Ranogga Oellia Muala
  7. Vonunu Christian Mesepitu
  8. Mbilua Whycliffe Sunga
  9. Dovele Jennings Movobule
  10. Irigila Paul Lepese
  11. Gizo John Wale
  12. South Kolombangara Jenty Isaac
  13. Vona Vona Alesina Redfern
  14. Kusaghe Elvis Cromwel
  15. Munda David Gina
  16. Nusa Roviana Ramurakha Talasasa
  17. Roviana Lagoon Nickson Buka
  18. South Rendova George Sollingi Lilo
  19. North Rendova Mark Gaqa
  20. Kolobarea Claudius Rence
  21. Bunitusu Goldie Nunala
  22. Noro Gillisi Palmer
  23. South Vangunu Petri Sute
  24. North Vangunu Samuel Sive
  25. Noro Billy Veo
  26. North Kolombangara Sutcliffe Heke George

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