New govt scholarship brings more confusion

Solomon Islands National University
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CONTINUING students at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) have received Solomon Islands Government scholarship to pursue a new programme.

A female student, who wished not to be name revealed to the media yesterday after she received a scholarship this semester to start her programme in Bachelor of nursing.

She is currently doing her final year of Bachelor in Teaching.

“I applied to the government to support me in my final year in Teaching.

“However, to my surprise, the award letter I receive informs me to first year in nursing,” she said.

The female student said other continuing students at SINU have also received similar award.

“I have informed the Director of National Training Unit, Curtis Kalu but she urged students to follow the awards letter.

“This is surprising to us because we stated all our information in the information forms so that NTU can be well aware of the programmes we are pursuing,” she said.

Therefore, the student alleged whether it is a deliberate move by NTU to issue wrong scholarships to students.

She said students cannot change course because they are already into their second, third or final year in their career programme.

Island Sun has sent an email to Ministry of Education and Human Resources permanent secretary, Dr Franco Rhodi and Director of SITESA, Curtis Kalu on Sunday, but have not received any response until last night.



  1. So these kind of scholarship attitude from the MEHRD tells.everybody that the online scholarship applications were just useless..l we apply on line but others still receiving they scholarship on hand delivery…with wrong faculty and courses aswell including the years of studies…

  2. I think Solomon Island corruption begins from the top levels to bottoms. These practices shall be stop if we had a concern of building good leadership for our country.Referred to our national motto of Solomon Island to lead is to serve seems turn upside down, as to lead is fail.
    The Director of National Training Unit,MEHRD should make a right decision on that issues. Most of students being awarded a scholarships are continuing students, some may second year and final year 2021. it was not sense of offering scholarship for new program on others from continues program.

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