New emergency clinic ready to open in town


Dr Ishmael Togamae and Dr Pedical Togamae during the commemorating of their late Dad’s tomb stone at Tirotona village.

A new emergency clinic called Togamae Private Emergency will open its doors in Honiara next week.

The clinic is owned by two brothers from Isabel Province, Dr Pedical Togamae and Dr Ishmael Togamae.

In an interview with this paper, Dr Pedical Togamae said the clinic will provide the following services; general outpatient and emergency cases, lab services includes malaria test, full blood counts and biochemistry tests, dispensing medicines, keeping patients overnight while on treatment, doing patient referral to specialists or overseas and further services includes escorting patients from any destination and home visit.

“This means that you can be seen at your comfort home for nursing care or Doctors’ can come and visit patients at your home.”

He said basic equipment for the clinic is all set except for an ECG machine which is currently on its way to Solomon Islands from Australia.

Togamae adds that laboratory machines and ultrasound machine will soon arrive in the country.

He told this paper that his older brother Dr Ishmael Togamae who has a license to practice and currently working in United States of America is an advantage to the clinic’s set up as some of the essential machines needed were purchased in United States.

Togamae said his brother’s experience working in a 1st world class country like USA is a bonus for the clinic to effectives deliver best services.

“My dream is to have all the equipment that supposed to be in the Emergency Department to meet the quality of care I want.

“In addition to that, learning from my elder brother is a great achievement,” he said.

Togamae said stressed that there are lots of reasons that gave him the strength to establish the emergency clinic.

He said the first reason is to fulfill his late father’s wish and vision, and second is to improve the quality of emergency services in Honiara to save lives.

Dr Pedical Togamae’s father, late Cecil Togamae who passed away on January 19, 2015 here in Honiara is a prominent leader of Isabel Province and he (Pedical) dedicates the establishment to his late father.

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