New chapter for Malaita women



THE Malaita Provincial Council of Women (MPCW) is looking forward to new heights after its general election of new members yesterday.

According to newly elected president Mrs Martha Rurai, “My committee will positively try our best to work together with all women’s organisation throughout malaita province.

“The former council committee has already established six women association groups in six wards within malaita province.

“Our aim is to set up associations in all the 33 wards in malaita especially to address issues and development plans for women.

MPCW committee members, front row (L-R) Janet Lulu (treasurer), Relmah Geli (vice president), Martha Rurai (President) Back. Lily
Lufi (member) and Alice Teioli (member) missing Cathy Pearson (member).

“As a leader to bring women together is not easy but through corporation and commitments our plans and visions will be easily implemented.

“One of our priorities that will be prioritised is to fully establish the connection with our provincial government.

“We will build our relationship (MPCW) through every ward in malaita province and with the Malaita provincial government.”

Mrs Rurai said the new executive has Malaita and its women at heart, and will carry out their duties faithfully.

“We will also to try and train women in Malaita in taking up high responsibilities in all aspects of life concerning women’s issues.

“The MPCW is also looking forward for any future international programmes organised must be channel through the MPCW,” Rurai said.

MPCW is the umbrella body of all women association groups in Malaita; and, any future organised programmes will be made known to the MPCW.

Rurai highlighted that the newly elected committee will be looking at developing their plot of land in Auki where the current centre is located to generate income to support the work of women in the province.

“We believe and hope all association women’s groups will work together with the MPCW to formulate our province for the betterment of all women in Malaita.”

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