New bus association for Honiara city


A new body aimed at looking after the welfare of bus owners and operators in Honiara has been established on Sunday.

The new association is called Honiara city bus owners association, and replace the previous bus association which has remained inactive since establishment.

An interim committee including two females and five men have been appointed to drive the association while formalities such as registration of the association and drawing up of the association’s constitution are made.

All the committee members are volunteers with aims to revitalise the bus industry in Honiara.

Spokesperson of the interim association, Mr Walter Maesugea, said the association was established as the previous bus association failed to perform during this time where a new bus route is enforced.

He adds that the old bus association had never held any annual general meeting and that indicates that the association no longer exists.

“We are caught in this new bus route transition but we have no association to get our views and ideas to the rightful authorities for discussion, as such some of us call for this voluntary meeting to elect new people who can help us.

“Today (yesterday) we elect this committee as the task force to carry out discussions and also negotiation with HCC about the new Honiara City Bus route,” Maesugea said.

He explained that the urgency to establish the committee is critical as the transition of the new bus route begins today.

Maesugea adds that all the members in the committee are volunteers trying to mediate the situation now and also way forward for the association to legally register with a constitution.

He said there will be a proper meeting to appoint the association’s officer bearers when the constitution and registration of the association are made.

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