Never forget the vulnerable groups in society

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IN any crisis, often it is women and children who suffered most.
That’s because of their vulnerabilities and other weaknesses.

More often than not, they are also the most neglected.

The coronavirus pandemic that had brought the world to its knees has far reaching impacts than any other crises in recent history.

Its impacts are felt in every corner of the globe.

But it was its impact on our children that are more concerning.

A survey Save the Children had carried out recently on the impacts of the pandemic on Solomon Islands’ children had found disturbing evidences (see report in today’s paper).

More than 130 children aged 11 to 17 from four provinces took part in the survey that looked at how COVID-19 has changed children’s lives.

It found:

• 30 percent of children who responded said they eat less food during the pandemic.

• 37 percent said they feel less happy than before the pandemic, and 36 percent feel less safe.

• More than two thirds said their opinions were not asked for in their household during 
decision making related to COVID-19.
Parents, as well as stakeholders, need to read the survey findings.

Often, even parents tend to neglect their children when making decisions in times of crisis.

Likewise, authorities tend to focus more on national issues, and neglecting these little ones in their decision making process.

These survey findings offer a timely reminder to never forget our vulnerable groups in society in times of crisis.