‘Need to do more’

WALE urges government to watch incoming vessels and students in China

The Leader of Opposition, Matthew Wale, calls on the government to do more in dealing with the Wuhan coronavirus in light of the unconfirmed reports that four crew members of a Bintan Mining vessel currently in Rennell, displayed illness ailments similar to the coronavirus symptoms. 

Mr Wale further calls on the government to seriously look into the situation faced by our students currently studying in China.

“Unconfirmed reports suggests that four foreign crew members of a foreign vessel that went to Rennell Island last week to pick up a consignment of bauxite owned by Bintan Mining Ltd are currently sick with coronavirus like symptoms.  

“They are believed to be still on board the vessel and are said to be monitored.”

“Reports received also suggests that this vessel was not cleared by the ports and quarantine authorities as required under law, before going over to Rennell Island, and this worrying,” says the Opposition Leader. 

Wale said if this is true then this practice of evading the law is a serious loop hole which can undermine any efforts put in place to contain the coronavirus internally.  

He said the ministry must act now to verify the reports and to quarantine the whole vessel to avert further threats, and if there are breaches of our border control laws, those responsible must be dealt with accordingly also.

“Any potential breaches of our laws that threaten our people’s health and safety is no laughing matter.”

The Leader of Opposition goes on to add, “I am also aware of at least 10 students currently studying in China and a lot more bound for China after we switched diplomatic ties. 

“These students are our future and are now at the mercy of this deadly virus hence, it is paramount that our government considers their situation as well and put in place measures to ensure their health and safety.”


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