National vaccination policy to be summitted to cabinet

Technical advisor to Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Dr Yogesh Choudri
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THE national vaccination policy paper has been prepared to be submitted to the cabinet says Dr Yogesh Choudri Technical Advisor to Health Ministry.

Choudhri said the paper is prepared by the Ministry of Health and Medical Servcies. It will be presented to the National Coordination Committee and then to Oversight Committee and to the cabinet.

He said this national vaccination policy paper will provide the background on how we will go about the vaccination. 

Pauline McNeil permanent secretary to MHMS said the national vaccination plan to do with the covid-19 vaccination have been put in place.

 “Right now, we have drafted a policy on COVID-19 vaccine and it should be delivered to cabinet and caucus this week to be reviewed and it should be finalised.

“We also have preparation in the event we have this vaccine mechanism in place. In terms of Human Resources capacity, we have four newly graduated nurses have been moved to immunisation programme,” said McNeil.

She said there is still a lot of work needs to be done but with the support of every one and Health ministry’s partner things will work out well.

“The immunisation of COVID-19 is not like normal immunization. For COVID-19 immunisation we have to advocator for people for people forward to take vaccination on Health facility,” said McNeil.