National nature park will change Barana


THE Barana National Nature Park will change the face of its society and become an attractive environment, which has been lost with activities of deforestation.

It has been years, the Barana community of the Central Guadalcanal province has lost its beautiful flora because of logging and timber milling.

Now the community of Barana have their eyes open to see the importance of turning into a park as an effort to restore its forest and generally the environment.

Currently main activities taking place there is timber milling and logging including gardening, mainly people from borderline area.

With the initiative of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) to establish a National Nature Park, it’s a welcome approach for the community for preserving forest and environment.

Vice Chairlady for Barana SPREP Coordinator Committee Ms Melinda Kii said the national park will also include those who are actually milling to educate them on reforestation.

She said they will have a common understanding with the timber millings and loggers – if they cut down one tree, then replant with one to three trees.

She adds, having this common understanding helps sustainability of the environment and preservation of flora to keep the park appealing for citizens and oversea travellers.

People from the Green Valley, Adaliua and Borderline do their gardening around the proposed national park which is another challenge.

Kii said such is dependent entirely on whoever holds that piece of land.

But she said they have one general understanding as to relocate them or give other blocks of land on the park for them to do their farming.

She said their gardening also plays an important role towards the national park; if people access the premises can do their marketing for garden foods fresh from the ground.

Kii said the community will benefit a lot from this initiative.

She said SPREP’s project is a community based initiative, and there will be trainings, workshops and tanks given to the community at large.

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