Naha residents suffer short bus routes


The SDA bus stop

RESIDENTS from Naha to Borderline are complaining that nothing is being done on the short bus routes which they are still being forced to pay for.

They say buses are still running short routes unabated, with no sign of authorities stepping in.

Concerned commuters are calling responsible authority to monitor bus services running from Naha to Borderline.

They say that bus drivers and their conductors now have a new cunning technique of deceiving passengers.

They put signboards saying Central Market in front of their buses, but only turn around at the SDA bus stop.

They also say that buses running from Naha Kola deceive passengers by putting central market signs and those picking from borderline and Kobito bus stops do not put any sign board.

According to the Honiara City Council, route for Naha Kola should be from Central Market to borderline and return while Naha is from Central Market to Naha store and borderline.

The SDA bus stop is not the official required destination for both destinations -Naha and Naha Kola, according to HCC.

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