Mua’s case in court tomorrow

MP for Savo/Russell Dickson Mua.
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THE case against the MP for Savo/Russells will be mentioned again in court tomorrow.

MP Dickson Mua was arrested and charged by police in relation to the offence of alleged conversion.

Mua was charged in relation to an incident occurred in 2013 for allegation that he convert $3million shipping grants for other purposes.

The allegation relates to an application that was submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development by the Honorable Dickson Mua and according to the proposal document, the MP was seeking $3m from the SIG through the NTF in 2013 to purchase a ship for Savo Russells Constituency.

The proposal was processed and approved by the MID and the funds were paid on the December 30, 2013.

It was alleged that on January 2, 2014 the Constituency Development Officer of Savo/Russells collected the cheque from the Finance and deposited to the Savo Russell constituency bank account.

Police further alleged that the MP started to make series of withdrawals from the account when the money was deposited until that money was completely withdrawn on the February 4, 2014.

Investigation revealed that instead of using the $3m to purchase the ship as its intended purpose, the MP allegedly paid $2.8million to a local company for the purpose of items such as OBMs and other equipment for distribution to his supporters in Savo Russell constituency.

It also further alleged that $200,000 of the money was withdrawn as cash and use for other expenses and not related to the purposes of the shipping grant.

Bradley Dalipanda of the Office of the Director Public Prosecution appears for the crown.