MPs called to upgrade Honiara’s roads


A concerned citizen is calling on the Members of Parliament for West, Central and East Honiara constituencies to upgrade roads located in the inner section of Honiara.

Mr James Menai of Nangu Village, Santa Cruz voiced this to the paper yesterday.

He stressed that people living in and around areas accompanied by these poor conditioned roads often find it difficult when travelling.

Menai added that it is even more difficult for those who need to use public transportation to get to their destination because some cabs will not be able to travel on those roads.

On top of that, he said that it will also be critical in the case of emergencies especially when it involves transporting someone who needs to get to the hospital as fast as possible but can only get there at the pace the condition of the road allows.

Menai furthered that there are also many public servants who live along such roads.

He reiterates his call for the MPs to work together and have these roads upgraded.

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