MPG salutes Kwarea high school



GUEST speaker Felix Nego, minister for tourism, salutes the Kwarea community high school 2018 cultural programme on Wednesday at Kwarea.

He said the participation during the occasion is most highlighted above any other school in Malaita province.

“I encourage you to continue with this approach and continue to grow our children according to our traditional living.

“As rightly stated in the 2018 theme, Culture Endangered our culture is slowly eroding due to foreign influences.

“In foreign influences they train us to speak English and involve in their foreign culture living behind our own culture.”

Nego added they also train people on how to learn about their own culture.

“Today we are happy to promote our own culture, our culture is own identity, our pride and our inheritance.

“Culture is way of life that brings peaceful co-existence within our nation.

“Our culture is our way of life where we live.

“We have laws and regulations that safe guard our homes and resources,” Nego said.

Ward member for ward 4 Steward Mani acknowledged the local organising committee for organising such unique programme.

“Through this kind of programmes our children will understand their values and norms within our societies.”

The programme included the traditional way of bride price, home umbrella making, traditional showing of traditional crafts, traditional beliefs and values and languages.

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