MPG loses approximately $185m due to isolation policy: Premier Fini


THE Malaita New Government for Fundamental Redirection (MNGFR) says the province has lost an estimated $185 million worth of approved projects due to former government MARA’s isolation policy.

New premier of Malaita, Martin Fini announced this recently.

He said the goal of MNGFR is to put an end to this ‘costly’ isolation policy.

“Malaita province had lost approximately $185m worth of approved development projects from the national government for the past three years; this included the PCDF funds forfeited under the MPGIS in 2021 and 2022.

“This included road improvement, agriculture, fisheries, health, education and other important government projects planned for Malaita province since 2019. The non-accomplishment of these projects negatively affected the lives of our rural populace.

“Your new government now cannot afford for Malaita to forgone the 2023 development projects from the national government ear marked for Malaita under the 2023 development budget.

“This included infrastructure, education, health, commerce, agriculture, fisheries, sports & youth and other sectors.

“I want to say, it is enough of business as usual. We must move on to new direction and ride into unchartered waters. We must step on new grounds we had never put our feet in the 38 years of Malaita journey.

“Therefore, I wish to state that meaningful development is only possible through dialogue and collaboration by all stakeholders.

“Mutual cooperation is an essential ingredient in this mix. It must be at the heart of this collaboration. Nothing works without it.

“Malaita has missed out on millions of dollars in approved projects because of the policy of isolation and deceit promoted by some over the last three years.

“Our people, unsuspecting as they are, were given false hopes,” he said.

According to premier Fini, the intention of his government is to revive hope and empower Malaitans to have faith and trust in their government.

“The time to keep deceiving our people is over, it is time to revive our hope for a better Malaita,” he said.

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