MPCW advocates for gender base issues


MALAITA Provincial Council of Women is liaising with its ward alliances to advocate for gender-based issues in the province.

Two of the wards MPCW is working with them are; wards 1 and 29, where 4 selected communities from each ward will be targeted with the advocacy program.

President of MPCW, Ms Martha Rurai said yesterday that the project aimed at how they could work with the communities to address issues on gender based, violence and human trafficking.

In preparation for the program, she said a training was held with the executive committees of the two wards to equip them with required resources to carry out the awareness program.

Rurai said the training was mainly on SafeNet activities like; gender, violence and trafficking. The expected outcome is to see advocacy on the issues in the communities.

“We trained the communities to reach to the communities with the program, trainers of trainees and become our advocators in their communities,” she said.

Rurai said that issues on gender based, violence and related issues are everywhere and this is what the program is targeting.

“We want to see people understand these important areas that will support the campaign and importantly make their communities free of gender based violences.

“This is the areas we are working on and MPCW aware the committees nearly complete their 4 targeted communities.

“As long as they do, as we expect the awareness to complete soon, we will call them for another training to reflect on the roll-out of the program.

“This is by looking at challenge and success encountered in the program to help us improve on the program,” she said.

Rural said the gender advocacy program was funded by SPC/PPAC as MPWC is one of their grantees in Malaita province.

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