MPA Ulemiki congratulates his people


NEWLY elected Member of Provincial Government (MPA) for Ward 12 at Varisi Lavata Northwest Choiseul Nerio Ulemiki thanks his people for their trust in him.

He explains knowing the road ahead is not easy and the tasks ahead are not simple but it depends entirely on them working together to accomplish their development goals.

“As a newly elected MPA of Varisi Lavata, Ward 12, I wish to thank my good people especially my supporters for their trust and confidence in me to put me back to power as their political leader after four years of rest from politics,” said Ulemiki.

The MPA for Ward 12 wishes to convey his words of thanks to his only rival candidate the former and outgoing MPA for Ward 12 Mr Gideon Panisaga, for his rule to their people during the last four years.

“I look forward to working together positively with him in this coming term,” said Ulemiki.

It is understood that there are already discussions over the forming of the new provincial government for Choiseul province.

Amongst the newly elected MPAs for the province is also former premier, Clement P Kengava.

Nerio Ulemiki formerly was the Media Coordinator for Christ the King Parish at Voruvoru, Northwest Choiseul, contributing in highlighting a lot of programmes and issues of the province.

He used to hold the seat he has returned to.

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