MPA says poverty maps show unfair services from gov’t


THE first ever poverty maps, launched by the government recently has received its first public rejection by Choiseul provincial member for ward 12, Nerio Ulemiki.

He questions the equity and equal distribution of services which were highlighted in SIBC’s news by the government’s Statistician on the poverty maps.

The MPA for Ward 12 at Varisi Lavata said the report which indicated some wards in Northwest Choiseul as relatively high above the average poverty level is a clear sign of the national and past provincial government of Choiseul province’s unfair distribution of services around the province.

He added expressing that it clearly indicates demarcated wards at the Northwest of Choiseul included on the poverty map.

“The last four years were run down the slope to poverty for wards in Northwest Choiseul especially Ward 12 and the failed UNICEF classroom project in 2013 for three primary schools in wards namely Voruvoru, Bangara and Tutu Primary schools indicate clearly the unfair attitudes towards equity and equal distribution of services around Choiseul that resulted in wards around Northwest Choiseul missing the required services,” said Ulemiki.

“Therefore, as a newly elected MPA for Ward 12 in adhering to my people’s continuous call for a change regarding development in my Ward, I call on the new Choiseul provincial government and all its implementers and the national government, MP of Northwest Choiseul Constituency, churches and non-government organisations to concentrate their development aspirations on the wards around Northwest Choiseul especially Ward 12 of which I am elected to stand for their rights to come out of the poverty level this four years term.”

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