MP urges government intervention on public service wages and minimum wage, advocates for improved work conditions


Claudius Tei’ifi, member of Parliament for West Kwaio Constituency, fervently called on the government to address critical issues surrounding the public service salary structure and urged for an increase in the minimum wage.

Tei’ifi emphasised the need for fair and competitive compensation for public service employees, underscoring that the current salary structure does not adequately reflect the essential role these individuals play in maintaining the efficiency of government services.

He urged for a comprehensive review of the salary framework, emphasizing its urgency to align with the escalating cost of living and inflation rates.

Passionately advocating for an elevation of the minimum wage, Tei’ifi argued that such an increase would not only enhance the standard of living for the nation’s workforce but also contribute to overall economic growth by stimulating consumer spending.

He pointed to economic indicators and stressed the necessity for a more inclusive and equitable society.

Moreover, Tei’ifi drew attention to the high unemployment rate, noting that 15% of the population is formally employed.

He urged the government to enforce improved work conditions for all workers, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in their respective employments.

Additionally, he called for protective measures against exploitation and abuse in workplaces, suggesting the creation of schemes, services, and conditions conducive to an inclusive working environment.

Tei’ifi proposed the establishment of a work institute that provides training in customer service, sales, marketing, and other essential skills.

He recommended that the government use its grants to subsidize the costs of these training services, creating institutions dedicated to enhancing public skills and employability.

In a forward-looking stance, Tei’ifi stressed the importance of government innovation, particularly in the current economic climate marked by uncertainties and challenges, including the aftermath of the November 2021 riots.

He emphasized the need for strategic measures that contribute to the improvement of people’s well-being while propelling the nation forward.

As this urgent call for government action resonates during a critical time of economic challenges and the lingering impacts of the global pandemic and the November 2021 riots, citizens eagerly await the government’s response to Tei’ifi’s compelling proposals for the betterment of the workforce and the nation at large.

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