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A Member of Parliament reportedly interferes with registration process



A current Member of Parliament (MP) is said to have interfered with the registration process underway in Town Ground.

Reports reaching Island Sun say the Registration Clerk for Northwest, West, South and Central Guadalcanal has been asked to leave his work by the said MP.

The electoral officer said it is not the first time that he had received a letter telling him that he had been removed from his job.

He said the first encounter was a complaint letter from the people for his replacement and the second letter was from the MP telling him that he had been removed from his job as Registration clerk.

“Honorable say he did not want me to sit there which to me it is a political move.”

The officer said according to the electoral act, such action is forbidden – for a political member to interfere in the electoral process.

“I want to call on people, supporters we are just doing a registration process, anyone wants to do transfer or whatever, it is during the objection period after completing registration processes.”

He explained that it is okay if people want to switch constituency and that people have the right to register.

He said the right time for objection of any voters that do not reside in the area or constituency is during the omission and objection period.

“I for one, I am not happy about what happen, and he should not interfere with my work. I only working for my salary,” he said.

He also adds that all they do was to treat everyone fairly and made sure that they carry out their work properly.

“Another thing, we just registering names, anyone supporter belongs to any candidates or current MP, it is not right time for complaining about the work of the registration officers.

“So far, only people from Malaita and Guadalcanal province are doing such complaining, but they did not understand our roles, that we were here to do the registration for people.

“We are not favouring any constituency but security control when it’s time; we have to stop for the next day.”

With the report from the Registration Clerk, Island Sun contacted Solomon Islands Electoral Commission to find out if there had been any report of such occurrence.

Despite enquiring twice to SIEC, there was no response from the officers and SIEC Chief Executive Officer.

However Island Sun understands that there are processes whereby such an incident can be reported to the relevant authorities.

The registration meddling has reportedly affect electorates from Northwest, West, South and Central Guadalcanal constituency.

On Wednesday, September 12, people from Guadalcanal province raised their frustration over non-service of registration officers.

It was not until afternoon that their booth was opened for registration.

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