MOU on Ugi wharf this week


A MOU will be signed this week paving way for construction of the wharf on the island of Ugi in Makira-Ulawa province.

Premier of Makira-Ulawa, Hon Standley Siapu told this paper in an interview the MOU will be signed between MID (on behalf of national government), landowners in Ugi and the provincial government of Makira-Ulawa.

He said as long as the MOU is signed, work on the wharf will commence as preparation for the project is well underway on the project site.

Siapu said MID has issued out tender for the project and anytime soon the tender will be awarded to the contractor.

He said the wharf poses to be a great achievement for the people on the island and the province as it will contribute one way or the other to the development of the province.

The provincial leader however urged the people in Ugi or those who will benefit from the project to take great care of the facility after it is completed.

He also appealed to those on the island to work hand-in-hand with both national and provincial governments in any future development for the island.

Siapu said his government is in full support of any form of development in the province, and they will continue to work with people to ensure there is tangible development in the province.

He urged the people in the province to open up their resources saying it’s the only way for development in the province.

Siapu reiterated that partnership in development is very important and they must work together to achieve development

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