More work needed against CRB in West



THE numbers of sightings of the coconut rhinoceros beetle is increasing unabated in Western province, it is reported.

Concerned members of Gizo public are calling on authorities to step up and address the problem.

While making the call on authorities, the concerned people are also calling on fellow members of public to help in whatever way they can to stem the increase of the pest.

A Mr Tano says, “Seeing that most coconut trees within Gizo are now affected by rhinoceros beetle we cannot control the spreading now.

“We need everyone must work with alongside Gizo Bio-security Division Gizo to control the spreading of these most World dangerous beetle.

“People are fear over the spreading, especially copra farmers from Ranonga, Vella la Vella and other surrounding Islanders who feared the spreading because the beetle is rated among the most invasive species in the world,” Tano said.

A Mr James Pado, from Ranongga, says people from his island are fearing for their future over news that the pest is spreading in the province.

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