More than 70 public servants upskilled

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MORE than 70 public servants graduated with certificates after completing a training delivered by the Institute of Public Administration and Management, (IPAM) a division in the Ministry of Public Service (MPS).

IPAM is a mandated body involved in building capacity of Solomon Islands Public Service work force.

Guest speaker at the occasion, John Kouni, Director General of the Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption, said the occasion marks the successful completion of the various short courses that the participants have undertaken.

“Your participation have been based on various reasons,” Kouni told participants.

“For some of you may be an opportunity to learn new things, re-enforced what you have already learnt earlier, as a refresher, or just an opportunity to be excused from offices. Whatever the reasons may be, two things are clear.

Guests and upskilled public servants

“From your part-you have successfully completed those short courses. It is another achievement.

“From your employer’s perspective –there is an expectation.

“That you will return to your respective offices with an added flair that will collectively make our public service a better, stronger and more efficient one.

“This is a fundamental expectation and the onus is on you to deliver the expectation to standard. I am sure you will do,” Kouni said.

Lina Suiomea from MHMS receives her certificate

Solomon Manea, director of IPAM, congratulated participants for completing their training.

He said the skills, knowledge and reflections they had in the training room was to sharpen their competency and practise.

“I hope those are still sharp. I would like to encourage you to continue to become good public officers to serve with an attitude of serving. Your office needs it, your ministry needs it, the government needs it and the nation needs it,” Manea said.

The theme of the occasion reads “Upskilling public officers for quality service delivery.”