More than 40 communities to benefit from Gasini market

Gasini Port, Marovo Lagoon in the Western Province. PHOTO: BEN BILUA
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OUTGOING Provincial Member of Ward 24 in Western Province says the newly opened Gasini Market will benefit more than 40 communities.

Samuel Sive said the market house will be a life-line to people of ward 23 and 24 in Marovo Constituency.

He adds that the project will go a long way in addressing the need to shelter men, women and children who have exposed to unfriendly weather when selling foods and other items to passing passenger ships.

Sive further stated that the travelling public will also benefit buying food and other essential item at the healthy and clean market house.

He said the benefits will be enormous and take home income will multiply due to good environment provided for vendors to sell their products.

“We all know that there are many hurdles to go through during the initial stages of the project, but thanks to vision and foresight of our people especially the landowners of Gasini to allow this piece of land where this market house was built on.

“You have set a good example for others to follow. In this note, I would like to urge all landowners to allow your land for development because without land there is no development.

“I on behalf of my people wish to acknowledge Member of Parliament for Marovo Constituency, Chachabule Amoi for been instrumental in securing funds for the project.

“We also very thankful to the government, aid donors and tax payers who also contributed one way or the other for supporting this project,” Sive said.