More females enrol in 2017

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The education ministry has achieved success in 2017 under it’s National Education Action Plan (NEAP) 2017-2020 endeavours, however they are also some challenges still need addressing.

According to the Ministry of Education and Humans Resources Development (MEHRD) 2017 Annual Report, the ministry has succeeded in a number of ventures.

As reported, for the year of 2017 alone more children had access to early childhood with an 8 percent increase and more primary and secondary children attended school with a two percent and 3.6 percent increase, respectively.

To add on, MEHRD also mentioned that more classrooms and school facilities were built, more young people accessed further education through scholarships, accounting to more than a 33 percent increase and girls surpassed the number of male enrolled students for ECE, Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary sectors.

While this is a string of achievements for that year alone, the ministry also noted a few issues which are; many children starting school at an older age than expected or repeating grades, an imbalance in expenditure between education sectors where Tertiary costed $425million for 2,756 students and ECE, Primary and Secondary at $224million for 216,137 students.

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