FEMALE empowerment in the music industry is rising in the Solomon Islands as reflected in the annual Solo Icon event this year.

The Solo Icon this year engaged 20 young female contestants out 16 male contestants from total of 36 who made to second stage of elimination round.

Two contestants are returning ones from last year with one a female and one male.

It seems that females interested in the music industry is rising in the Solomon Islands compared to previous ones, with the Solo Icon providing them with the avenue to unleash their potential singing talents.

The next show down is scheduled for Sunday 25 at the Art Gallery, and would be the second elimination round—kick starting with both the children and star school category before the Icon category.

Solo Icon Coordinator; Geoffrey Alacky said it is quite interesting to note that there are potential in every single person.

He said the showdown recently was a hilarious big bang with interesting contestants and looks promising that a lot of stars will emerge from this year’s round.

There are two-times contestants participating this year, and Mr Alacky said they have proven themselves by implementing the theory and principle, if you put an energy in one thing you want in life, you will acquire it, and that’s exactly what they have proven.

There are more than eight Schools who have already booked their placement for star school competition this Sunday.

Last year’s winner for star school is Marara,West Guadalcanal, and they are set to defend their title with stiff challenge.

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